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Moving Your Family

Moving has become a common feature of the American way of life. Statistics indicate that one out of six families moves every year. Many of these families are old hands at relocating; others will be moving this year for the first time and perhaps only time.

But whether a family is a veteran or a rookie in the moving process, one aspect of moving that is frequently overlooked or left to chance is the effect relocation will have on children.  Here you will find helpful tips on relocating with your family.

Moving Your Family to Hawaii

Moving with Pets & Plants

Oftentimes the impact a move has on pets and houseplants in overlooked. This handy guide lists several suggestions on how to ensure a successful transition for your family pet(s) and minimize the impact a relocation will have on your houseplants.

Your WPR Global Shipping moving representative can help you arrange for specialized carriers for both your pets and your plants.  Here is some helpful information.

Moving to Hawaii - Pets

Tips for Shipping Electronics

Electronic devices, and hand held devices like tablets, smartphones and e-readers require special considerations when preparing them for shipment.

You can prevent costly damages when shipping electronic devices by packing carefully and correctly. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you ship your high-tech devices.

Shipping Electronics to Hawaii

Relocation Services

Hawaii is considered the paradise to many, and moving to Hawaii is a dream. Moving in general is a big change, and moving to Hawaii is no exception.

We have compiled a wide variety of helpful Hawaiian relocation services for you.  From packing materials, to movers, here you will find resources that will make your Hawaiian transition smooth.

Moving to Hawaii Resources

Moving Safety Tips

Guard your household goods from damage with this helpful safety checklist.  Learn how to properly prepare kitchen appliances for shipment, as well as how to protect those precious antiques.

Need help moving antiques? Not sure what to do with the pets? Are you forgetting something? WPR Global Shipping is here to answer your questions and help guide you through every step of your move to Hawaii.

Moving - Shipping to Hawaii Safety Checklist
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