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You Name the Price of Your Shipment to Hawaii

Based on availability and ideal for last minute moves, you tell us what you need to ship, name your price, and tell us your move day.  We will tell you, normally on the same day, if we accept your price and whether we have the space available.  If you are moving to Hawaii, shipping to Hawaii, moving from Hawaii, or shipping from Hawaii, give it a try! It’s that simple!

We occasionally have last-minute space available on our containers going to and from Hawaii. Instead of shipping empty space, we make that space available to you at very lost cost. Our way of thinking is that we have to ship the container anyway, and we might as well fill up the entire container.

Please provide us with the following information. Once you submit the information to us, one of our representatives will contact you normally within 1 business day to tell you if your bid was accepted. Please note that this is only for last-minute moves and space is extremely limited. Be realistic in your bidding, keeping in mind that a port-to-port move of up to 100 cubic feet generally runs about $995.00. Extremely low bids are less-likely to be accepted.

Please note —
Your low bid is more likely to be accepted if you are able to ship your items “Port to Port.”

Fill out the form below and give us your bid in the comments area.

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