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Shipping & Moving to Hawaii

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We make it easy to determine the size of your shipment to and from Hawaii with our state-of-the-art inventory calculator.


Select Less than Container Loan (LCL), or Full Container Load (FCL) based off the size of your shipment.


Provide us with some details regarding your move such as your moving date, name, address, and shipment size.

  • "Wow... That's about all I can say for the way your company operates. This was a picture I recently took from Hawaii. It is really wonderful in Hawaii.  You guys deliver the items on time and your sales people and office support team is very professional.  Your rates are also competitive.  Thank you."

    Melissa DiazLos Angeles, California
  • "This is a picture I took while I was flying into Hawaii. I am so glad I came to Hawaii.  Please feel free to post this notice on your website.  You guys are the best!  You really have your act together!  Very professional!!"

    Yolanda RayesSan Bernardino, California
  • "I had my doubts about moving all the way to Hawaii. I couldn't decide which company to use but I am sure glad I used you guys. You did a fantastic job. I am enjoying life in Hawaii and I like to surf a lot!"

    Gerard HestonSan Francisco, California
  • "Global Shipping  is a great company!  The staff is extremely patient and nice over the telephone. Hawaii is great!  I would definately recommend Global Shipping to my friends."

    Robert T. WilliamsLos Angeles, California

Hawaiian-Mile Savings!

Receive one (1) Hawaiian-Mile for every $2.50 spent on transportation services through WPR Global Shipping!

Upon making your reservation with us, simply provide your sales representative with your Hawaiian-Miles number and you will be awarded miles for your purchase.  The offer is subject to change without notice and is subject to limitation.  Ask a sales representative for details.

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Sponsorships and Donations

WPR Global Shipping is a proud sponsor and donator to the

HotSpur’s Soccer Club

WPR Global Shipping provided shipping services round-trip between
Los Angeles, CA and Honolulu, HI for the UCLA Canoe Team competition in April 2009.



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