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Shipping Full Container Load (FCL) to Hawaii

I am Shipping 550 Cubic Feet or More

If you are shipping to Hawaii or moving to Hawaii an entire house or enough goods to fill an entire container, Full Container Load (FCL) may be for you. Similarly, if you are moving from Hawaii or shipping from Hawaii back to the mainland, we can also ship your goods via FCL. We offer FCL shipments from/to almost anywhere in the mainland from/to almost anywhere in Hawaii.

This is the preferred method of shipment is you are moving more than 550 cubic feet.  If you are unsure how many cubic feet you are shipping, please complete our online inventory calculator.  Make sure to leave the “A copy of the inventory form will be emailed to you automatically unless you un-check here” box  checked so that the results will be emailed to you.  You should receive the results via email within a few minutes after you submit the form.

Important Information

We offer 20′, 40′ and 45′ containers.
Please note that not all locations accommodate all sizes of containers.
Also note FCL service can be requested by you, the shipper, but can never be guaranteed due to availability, timing, and location. WPR Global Shipping reserves the right to ship your goods consolidated with other customers’ goods in order to best utilize all available space so that we can offer you the lowest available rates.

Shipping FCL To Hawaii

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